• Précieuse

    Price €54.00
    The timeless charm of seduction, the refinement of a jewel worthy of a marquise of angels. We are transported to the great time of courtesans in the gardens of Le Nôtre in the time of Louis XIV. A very high-fashion jewel made of embroidered fabric and festooned with a very shimmering navy blue and each ornament is made of solid silver. Do you prefer a blind-tie game or a game of croquet near Diane's Pavilion?
  • Beverly Hills

    Price €31.00

    What a brilliance! What a flicker! A rhinestone ribbon shines a thousand lights on your neck. Rhinestones also sublimate your neckline, magnifying the birth of your breasts. You are an irresistible and attractive star that no one can resist. The Beverly Hills necklace will beautify you no matter how you wear it. Do you dare to make him guess under a wise blouse? Will you be sumptuously immodest by wearing it under a top with the disturbing transparency? All is allowed to you.

  • Marquise

    Price €33.00
    The timeless charm of seduction, the refinement of a jewel worthy of a marquise of angels. We are transported to the great time of courtesans in the gardens of Le Nôtre in the time of Louis XIV. Do you prefer a blind-tie game or a game of croquet near Diane's Pavilion?
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    Price €38.00

    For all the femme fatales and of character who know what they want we imagined this very hot jewel ...

    You who live love as we dance a tango, with sensuality and a lot of spice, this jewel is dedicated to you ...

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    Price €34.00

    The South Seas and their lagoons circled by coral reefs inspired us with these jewels with their colors ...

    This blue brings us back to the beach and its calm, welcoming waters in which we want to dive. Which destination will you choose? ...
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    Price €40.00

    Light as a breath of wind, air like a silver petal, the Sirocco necklace shudders at the slightest of your sighs

  • Fushicho

    Price €65.00

    At your neck, a golden spiral becomes the case of a pearl that seems to protect a secret. Your head wear is emphasized, magnified by the chains that mingle the brilliance of gold and the agate beads. This necklace is a sensual and mysterious jewel such as the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

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    Price €51.00

    Marrying a gold plated cable and a jewel with delicate pastel colors, this set will be perfect for long summer evenings on your tanned skin ...

  • Folie d’Hématite

    Price €38.00
    The Hematite stones are in all their states to enhance this very graceful necklace. Admire this jewel where the twists and olives of Hematite are perfectly highlighted by the Swarovski crystal tops. Sliding your neck, the ornaments sensually enhance your neckline.
  • Myrtilles

    Price €38.00

    A jewel hanging on your neck like a delicious sweet fruit. It will be difficult to resist the urge to bite you.

  • Frou-frou

    Price €54.00

    An ultra feminine jewel that the shimmering fabric sublimates. You'll love matching it to your outfit! The crystals and shimmering pearls add a touch of glamor and coquetry.

  • Kalia

    Price €40.00
    A jewel sublime, shimmering, flamboyant, it is beautiful! A beautiful combination of Hematite pearls and deep red Swarovski crystals gives this jewel a very fashionable style.
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    Price €60.00

    An undeniably modern look for this necklace that will not fail to attract attention ...

    You can choose at will the model where gold predominates or, following your complexion, the one where money is more present. Whatever your choice, the result is superb ...
  • Angela

    Price €58.00
    A heart full of shapes, polished, soft curves is adorned with mysterious pearls to make you infinitely desirable. The delicate black lace sublimates your head. A jewel to wear for all your romantic appointments.
  • Curaçao

    Price €60.00

    Beautifully transparent blue, your jewel evokes these delicious cocktails that are enjoyed by the pool. Let yourself be transported to these limpid waters, in this tropical heat that exacerbates your senses.

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    Rêve de Turquoise

    Price €39.00

    A jewel from the ethnic and especially Mexican inspiration that drives fashion at the moment ...

    The real turquoise bead is the center of attention and the brilliance of the golden circle enhances its natural beauty ...
  • Passionnément

    Price €68.00

    Perles et métal ont revêtu leurs plus beaux atours pour faire de vous une princesse vénitienne. Vous voici transportée dans un tableau de Canaletto, passant en gondole sous le pont des soupirs. Un collier qui est une invitation au rêve et à la magie des nuits italiennes.

  • Voie Lactée

    Price €75.00

    Around your neck, a jewel to feel transported to the 7th heaven and have your head in the stars. The milky way has adorned your neck with its most beautiful jewels.

  • Aphrodite

    Price €50.00

    A jewel filled with mystery! A black pearl, like a treasure, was locked in a cage. Hypnotic and full of sensuality, this jewel is an ode to the goddess of love.

  • Anoushka

    Price €43.00

    Delicately crafted, richly decorated as a jewel of Orthodox culture, your necklace recalls the breath of the wind on the steppe and wild rides.

  • Féerie d’émeraude

    Price €50.00
    The deep green of the faceted beads blends elegantly with the gold color for an explosion of shimmer and color ...
    A jewel that, by the delicacy of a leaf placed at your neck, evokes the mystery of the Amazonian forest or simply nature and its beauties.
  • Aztèque

    Price €65.00

    What riches and jewels have hoped to find those who tried the adventure to discover this mysterious civilization! ...

    These marvels we have found for you! Sumptuous jewels to adorn the most wonderful jewels: YOU!

  • Festival

    Price €42.00
    Let the party begin ! Let the champagne bubbles sparkle and the women's eyes shine! This finery on your neck should also turn many heads ...