Neck-waist chain

  • Mes Pensées

    Price €85.00

    Let your mind wander to fields of soft grass where wild flowers invite the abandonment of body and mind. Let us tell you the meeting between the solar star with hot and golden rays that flatter your complexion and the lunar star whose delicate opalescence covers with mystery all that it touches of its rays. This meeting we have desired mutiny and enchanting as a dream that you would wake up.

  • Ma Déclaration

    Price €59.00

    Great for the summer! Whether you are wearing a bikini, a vaporous mini-top or a silk blouse, you'll love it!

  • Beverly Hills

    Price €70.00

    What a brilliance! What a flicker! A rhinestone ribbon shines a thousand lights on your neck. Rhinestones also sublimate your neckline, magnifying your breasts and slide to your waist, surrounding it with a radiance like no other. You are an irresistible and attractive star ...

  • Fushicho

    Price €94.00

    Blending the brilliance of gold and agate beads the Fushicho waist chain neckline emphasizes and magnifies your choker and your waist. This jewel, sensual and mysterious as the Phoenix rising from the ashes, sublimates your beauty and reveals the woman in you. Two adjustment strings at the neck and waist allow you to perfectly adjust your jewel to your morphology ...

  • Folie d’Hématite

    Price €75.00

    The Hematite stones are set in all their states to enhance this beautiful parure very graceful. Admire this jewel where the twists and olives of Hematite are perfectly highlighted by the Swarovski crystal tops. At your neck and under your navel, the ornaments sensitively enhance your body.

  • Myrtilles

    Price €86.00

    An ornament for your bust, from your neck to the curve of your hips, like so many delicious sweet fruits that give the irresistible desire to bite you ...

  • Kalia

    Price €75.00

    A jewel sublime, shimmering, flamboyant, it is beautiful! A beautiful combination of Hematite pearls and deep red Swarovski crystals gives this jewel a very fashionable style.

  • Passionnément

    Price €79.00

    Beads and metal have donned their finery to make you a Venetian princess. Here you are transported in a picture of Canaletto, passing in a gondola under the bridge of sighs. Jewelry that is an invitation to the dream and magic of Italian nights.

  • Nœud Papillon

    Price €86.00

    A set of bust that could have dressed Marlene Dietrich in "The Blue Angel". Take your hat off and your long black satin gloves. Dress in satin, fly around the feathers of your boa. You are the star tonight under the lights of the cabaret scene. It's undeniable, everyone has their eyes on you.

  • Voie Lactée

    Price €90.00

    A jewel to feel transported to the 7th heaven and have the head in the stars. The Milky Way has adorned your bust and your waist with its most beautiful jewels ...

  • Clefs

    Price €92.00

    A jewel to tell her that he holds the keys of your heart, that your love belongs to him. A highly symbolic jewel to assert your attachment.

  • 1001 Nuits

    Price €101.00

    Imagine lying on thick embroidered cushions. Bewitching music transports you to a magical place where the smells of spices mingle with the sweet smell of honey. At your neck, between your breasts and up to your sensually entwined waist, this adornment, like a jewel, evokes this magical east.

  • Kenza

    Price €101.00

    The drops in Hematite are enhanced by subtle finishes decorated in the shape of flowers. Grace is invited on this jewel which you will like to clothe yourself. Under your belly, the pendants sway and dance to the rhythm of your movements. You are superb !...

  • Féerie d'émeraude

    Price €88.00

    The deep green of the faceted beads blends elegantly with the gold color for an explosion of shimmer and color ...

    Jewelry that evokes the mystery of the Amazon rainforest or just the nature and its beauties ...

  • Aztèque

    Price €175.00

    What riches and jewels have hoped to find those who tried the adventure to discover this mysterious civilization!

    These marvels we have found for you! Sumptuous jewels to adorn the most wonderful jewels: YOU!