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Été indien



The warm, flamboyant colors of the Indian summer are inviting around your waist, nicely supported by a navel piercing.

The sparkle of the crystals is so intense that each of your movements seems to shine brightly.

Ornament :

Piercing jewel (1.6 x 12) in surgical steel gilded with fine gold with rhinestones inclusion. Swarovski crystal shaped bicone beads. Round beads in pink agate. 18ct Gold plated 750mm chain. 18ct Gold / 18ct Gold Plated Mesh Adjustment Chain.

Our piercing waist chains are delivered with a jewel of piercing but you can at your option change this one, the jewel of piercing being removable.

Piercing jewelry (1.6 x 12) in gold-plated steel with crystal clear inclusion.